Getting Our Missional Rear in Gear


Sometimes we get so stuck in our life pattern that, even when we say we’re striving to be more “missional” in our faith walk, we seem to miss the point. That happened to Dan LaValla, Director of Library Services at Biblical Seminary last year. He shares in his blog article titled “When God Interrupts Your Day” how a comedy of circumstances that seemed aimed at making his life miserable turned into an opportunity to be Christ for a friend. The article is very convicting. What struck me the most was Dan’s evaluation of the whole mess.

In all the years of our friendship and numerous theological conversations, my friend has moved from being an atheist to an agnostic, but I don’t think any conversation expressed my faith to him as much as being there that day and sharing how God wanted me there for him.

Rather convicting for me, actually. When I’m stuck in a miles long traffic jam on my commute to or from work, I need to stop and think. Is my comfortable routine interrupted simply for my inconvenience? Or is God asking me to look for his opportunities to minister to the world around me? Perhaps I need to welcome interruptions more and complain less when God gives me a kick in the pants to get my rear in gear.

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