Greg Boyd: “Just do it”

Greg Boyd has a new blog over at where he puts up quotes from his books, shares his sermons and teachings, and even answers questions.

Today Greg nailed it in answer to a question. Check out his response to the question as to whether preachers and pastors should rally around political justice issues.

I found his analysis to be amazingly accurate and insightful in the insidious effect of getting involved with politics. His conclusion is also equally amazing. Here’s probably the most relevant quote.

As citizens of the U.S. who get asked our opinion about what Caesar should do, we can express our opinions as we see fit. Try to understand the issues surrounding poverty and everything else and make the best choices you can. But as citizens of the Kingdom of God, this isn’t where our hope is to be placed or where our time and energy is to be spent. (Of course, God may call some to political office, meaning much of their time and energy will inevitably be spent in this realm. But even they shouldn’t place their ultimate hope in this area).

As citizens of the Kingdom, our job isn’t to tell Caesar what to do — as though we were wiser or cared more. Our job is to just do it.

We should start by confessing that, for the most part, we aren’t currently getting the job done.

If we stopped blaming government and started doing what we’re called to do, then after 100 years maybe Caesar would be asking us for advice on how to address issues like poverty.

There’s more towards the end of the article but I think that pretty much hammers it home. If we want to make a difference in the world, our first task is to actually do so rather than shifting the blame.

I’d be interested to hear your thoughts. You can also contact Greg through his site and find him on twitter at

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