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One Line Code Change

Software BugIn my career as a software tester, frequently, I am told how easy a code change was as an explanation of how easy the testing should be.  “Oh, it was just a one line code change.  It shouldn’t take you long.”  But I cannot recount, right now, how many times these simple changes have resulted in rather catastrophic results.  Suffice it to say, though, when the developer claims a “one line code change”, I brace for a long testing process as I work on figuring out all those nuances.  At the same time, a simple, one line code change can take a catastrophe and turn it into a smooth, well-running application.

When it comes to spirituality, theology, and so forth, the rule is pretty much the same.  A “one line code change” can have wide-sweeping changes in a person’s life. Continue reading

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